Accounting ERP Software

Accounting ERP Software

Accounting ERP Software

Today, comprehensive financial software has blurred the distinction between Accounting ERP Software and enterprise resource planning system (ERP solutions). Many people use these two concepts in place of each other, but technically different.

It may seem unimportant to know the difference between the two, but it is important for some reason: comparing apples to apples and not in oranges. If you are unaware of these distinctions, you may be basing your purchasing decision by pairing products with two different product categories, not by themselves. What is the difference between accounting software and ERP to learn bigger picture even before you choose between the types of accounting software or the sectoral or general accounting software solution?

Here is a quick fix: accounting software is a subset of ERP.

Accounting ERP Software

This term is used strictly to refer to the material aspect of your business activities. These include accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and trial accounts. Many vendors package accounting software that includes modules for related business activities such as billing, sales order, purchase order, general ledger, timetable, expense and electronic payment.


An ERP software solution can have all the accounting software features and more. This is a resource management system that monitors tangible and intangible assets, human resources and materials, and anything else besides the company’s finances. Inconsistent parameters include working hours, product life cycles, key performance indicators, and customer relationships. These are not financial in their own right, but they affect the financial position of the company. For this reason, they are very important for your account.


Most ERP products are now available as an entry-level package with accounting software. As your business grows, so is the need to automate more complex data recording and reporting processes. You can add activity-specific modules; So you will convert your accounting software to ERP.

For example, a popular accounting software package provides financial management, planning, and budgeting as a basic package. However, the same package can be integrated with other business operations such as project and supply chain management, reporting and analysis and human resources management. In some cases, I.T. management module can be added. Each module is generally licensed separately.

So if you are just buying software for financial management, be sure to compare two accounting erp software products to get objective comparative results. Quickbooks, Openbravo, Adempiere, Compiere and Odoo is an Accounting ERP Software.

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