Egnyte Cloud Collaboration New Features for Enterprise file Sync Share

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Egnyte Cloud Collaboration New Features for Enterprise file Sync Share. Egnyte Enterprise file Sync Share. Egnyte Enterprise file Sync Share for Cloud Collaboration New Features

Egnyte Cloud Collaboration

Richer Confirmation for “Restore All” from Trash

Cloud Collaboration | August 2017

Prevent accidental restoration of files as the confirmation dialog requires typing a phrase before the restoration occurs.

Richer confirmation for restore all trash

User Search Improvements

Cloud Collaboration | August 2017

When granting permissions for a folder or assigning a task, a “NON-EMPLOYEE” flag now highlights external users. You can also view the email addresses in the search results.

Search Improvements in Web UI

Task Notifications

Cloud Collaboration | July 2017

Easily notice when you have tasks to complete when you preview a file as the Tasks tab now displays if open tasks exist on the file.

Tasks notifications

Search files updated by a specific person

Cloud Collaboration | July 2017

Quickly find files updated by a collaborator with the new option on the advanced search filter “Updated by” to search by a “Specific person”.

Search by specific person

German and French Canadian Localization

Cloud Collaboration | July 2017

Users whose primary language is German or Canadian French can now interact with the Web UI in their preferred language. Administrator pages in the Web UI will still be in English. This feature is currently in beta and can be activated upon request only.

German and French Canadian Localization

Zoom Capabilities for Preview

Cloud Collaboration | March 2017

Magnify your images and documents to closely inspect desired sections. When an image or document is zoomed in, it can be dragged around the screen to change the viewable section.

Zoom in preview in Web UI

Universal Date Format

Cloud Collaboration | March 2017

All users can now easily read the new date format as it is a spelled out month (e.g. Oct. 9, 2017) instead of the original MM/DD/YYYY. This change is implemented in features across the Web UI, including the Activity Stream, Versions Dialog, and Trash.

Universal Date Format in the Web UI

UI Updates

Cloud Collaboration | February 2017

Both regular and cross-domain searches provide an error notification when the search query is outside the 3 to 100 character limit.

Folder Permissions Description in the Web UI

The drop down in the Folder Permissions dialog now has short descriptions for each permissions level to better facilitate assigning the appropriate permissions level.

Task Manager

Cloud Collaboration | January 2017

Task Manager allows any Egnyte user to create and assign tasks to any other Egnyte user with permission for that file. Both users (assignor and assignee) will receive notifications in the Web UI as well as e-mail updates regarding due dates and key actions that have been performed for the task (e.g. completing, declining, re-opening). For more details on Task Manager, please refer to this article on the Helpdesk.

Task Manager in the Web UI

Updates to Comments

Cloud Collaboration | January 2017

Automatically view all corresponding comments on a file when it is opened for preview the first time. If the comments tab is closed or you switch to another tab, the last opened tab will appear the next time you preview the file. If you try to leave the current file view when there is unsubmitted text in the comment box, a warning prompt will now appear.

Comment Notification in the Web UI

Get notified of new comments on a file via the Web UI and email if you have previously posted a comment on that file, been @mentioned on that file, or you were the last user to update the file.

UI Refresh for Opening Google Files

Cloud Collaboration | December 2016

Automatically open Google files in a new browser tab instead of showing a PDF preview. The “Open in Google Docs” button in the top bar of the preview pane and the context menu is now customized based on the extension for docs, sheets, slides and draw.

Open a google doc in Google Docs in the Web UI

Discover New Features

Cloud Collaboration | December 2016

Quickly learn about the latest features in our Egnyte Web UI. Click on “Discover New Features” in the Embedded Help Widget to navigate you to this page.

Discover New Features link in the help widget

User-Managed Trash

Cloud Collaboration | November 2016

Users can now manage trash for files that they have deleted in the Collaborative Web UI. Users can view the contents, search for deleted files, and restore selected files to their Egnyte accounts. Administrators can modify the ability for power users to manage trash under “Configuration” → “Trash and Retention Policies” → “Users can view and restore items they have deleted in trash”. For more information on restoring files from the trash, please refer to this article on the Helpdesk.

User Manage Trash

Increased File Upload Size

Cloud Collaboration | October 2016

The Web UI now supports uploads of files up to 25 GB for Enterprise plans. Office and Business plans are still restricted to the maximum upload size for that plan.

Increased file size upload

Embedded Help Widget

Cloud Collaboration | September 2016

Quickly find answers to your Egnyte questions without leaving the Web UI. Read HelpDesk articles in a resizable floating window that can be dragged anywhere in the Web UI.

embedded help widget in the web UI

Custom Metadata in Web UI

Cloud Collaboration | September 2016

Create and edit metadata for files and folders within the Web UI. Administrators can create templates for metadata through the Metadata API. Using these templates, end users can create and edit metadata that is displayed in the sidebar and the folder details pane.

custom metadata

Custom Terms of Service

Cloud Collaboration | August 2016

Domains with advanced branding can choose to set a custom terms of service message. Users on these domains must agree to the terms of service before using the Web UI.

custom terms of service

New App Store

Cloud Collaboration | July 2016

The new App Store allows users to learn about and install Egnyte apps, add-ons, and integrations through interactive dialogs and videos. Administrators can manage the apps shown to users in your domain with Admin Mode. For more information, please refer to this article on the HelpDesk.

file download shortcut

File Download Shortcut

Cloud Collaboration | July 2016

Download a file with one click. Hover over a file in the List View or Condensed View and a download shortcut will appear.

file download shortcut

Login Disclaimer Message

Cloud Collaboration | July 2016

Administrators can set a custom message that will be displayed on the Egnyte login page. Navigate to the “Brand Settings” section to add a message up to 1000 characters in length.

Login disclaimer message

Egnyte for Google Apps on New Web UI

Cloud Collaboration | June 2016

Utilize all of the features of the Egnyte integration with Google Apps on the New Collaborative Web UI. Import your Google Drive files to Egnyte, create a new Google Drive file, and preview Google Drive files within the Collaborative Web UI. For more information, please refer to this article on the HelpDesk.

Egnyte for Google Apps in Web UI

Last Modified Date for Folders

Cloud Collaboration | June 2016

Folders now show the date and time of the most recent update to files contained directly within the folder (changes to files within subfolders do not count). Sort the folders by ascending or descending last modified date to quickly access folders with the most recent updates.

Last modified date for folders in the Web UI

Egnyte Drive for Windows 1.4

Cloud Collaboration | June 2016

The latest version of Egnyte Drive for Windows automatically refreshes Windows Explorer to reflect the latest updates in the cloud. For more information, please refer to this article on the HelpDesk.

Egnyte Drive 1.4 for Windows - automatically refresh windows explorer

Refreshed Preview Layout for the Collaborative UI

Cloud Collaboration | May 2016

The preview screen has been redesigned to give you more space to view your files. For more information on the Collaborative UI, please refer to this article on the HelpDesk.

Preview Enhancement

Egnyte Drive for Mac 1.5

Cloud Collaboration | May 2016

The latest version of Egnyte Drive for Mac allows customers to easily deploy and configure Egnyte Drive across an organization, automatically refreshes Finder to reflect the latest updates in the cloud, and adds a new shortcut to quickly access drives. For more information, please refer to this article on the HelpDesk.

Quickly access mounted and unmounted drives

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