ERP Options for Small Businesses

ERP Options for Small Businesses

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It can be difficult to decide with many different ERP options on the market. Some have functions that can not be used in others, or some options are better suited for a particular industry than others. We have prepared this blog series to help you better understand what is available in the ERP market, but our list includes only some important players and there are many options available. In our first post we covered all the major players of entry-level ERP solutions. Today, our mission includes all the major ERP players who address small businesses.

Traditional ERP defines traditional ERP as the creation of in-house systems, but it also exists as a cloud-based solution. There are quite a few options in this area, but the leaders we have identified are Djacachi 100, Provision 300, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The good point about these products is that they are very similar, so your decision is mostly based on your personal preference and what functions you are looking for.

All four ERP solutions are either hosted on premise or in the cloud. There is also a large network of add-ons to allow the systems to extend their functionality. The price is also very similar for all products. The most important thing to multiply among the products is that the Sage 100 and Microsoft Dynamics GP are primarily available for North America, and Sage 300 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV are global solutions. How will you decide between these four ERP options? Take a little glance at where the difference is.

Cloud Leaders
We identified these ERP options as “cloud leaders” because they existed only in the cloud and were created for the cloud.

Openbravo Commerce ERP Platform

Future-proof commerce technology platform
Manage continuous change and innovation with a highly flexible and scalable commerce technology platform
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Cloud and Mobility
Gain greater IT agility
Respond to business demands more efficiently with faster deployment in the cloud and leverage platform capabilities to support your mobile-first strategy and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Gain greater IT agility with Openbravo Technology Platform
Manage change more efficiently with Openbravo Technology Platform
Manage change more efficiently
Do more, faster and with lower risks thanks to a truly modular architecture that simplifies solution maintenance and ensures smoother update and upgrade processes.

Integrate and connect everything faster
Protect prior IT investments and facilitate integration with future channels, solutions and technologies thanks to a highly interoperable technology platform.

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Openbravo Retail ERP Platform

A single-tenant Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) option that enables you to deploy Openbravo on virtual servers in Amazon Web Services

Cloud Security You Can Trust

Focus on your core business and let Openbravo and AWS experts take care of all the security aspects and give you peace of mind when you run your Openbravo solution in the Cloud.
Application Security
Network Security
Operational Security

Netsuite is one of the largest SaaS ERP options. As a hosted subscription, only one VAR can be used through a partner or directly via Netsuite. There are several add-on options available and networks are growing, but there is not much there compared to our traditional leaders. Netsuite’s strengths lie in CRM and e-commerce solutions and in the automation field of professional services. Despite having powerful features for distribution, they have limited capabilities for production, especially those with a complex production process.

Similar to Netsuite, Intaact can only be used as a subscription. This solution is also available only through VAR partners and can not be purchased directly through Intacct. While most VARS may offer more interest and choice, it may have both benefits and weaknesses. The Intacct community of plugins is not as big as traditional leaders or Netsuite. The strengths of Intacct are based on strong accounting features, non-profit talent and professional services. Unlike Netsuite, distribution and production functions are limited.

acuminatum by
Again, Acumatica is a hosted subscription that can only be accessed by a VAR partner. There are still limited options in the plugin community. Acumatica offers strong distribution with strong accounting and professional services. Production functions are available, but are available as third-party plug-ins. Acumatica distinguishes itself from the rest of the ERP community because it has unlimited users; you do not want to pay per user license.

So far, we have dealt with many players in the ERP market, but there are more. We still need to address products that appeal to small businesses to medium-sized businesses or to first-party products that are produced for the largest businesses. Keep on following us to find the best ERP players in these markets.

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