The Top 20 Most Popular ERP Software

Most Popular ERP Software

Do you have a “DDBS” case? It speaks for corporate-medical, Disorganized, Disconnected Business Syndrome (Dispersive Business Syndrome) and is not as traumatic as it was at the beginning. Included among these are inefficiencies across the divisions, confusion, wasted resources, poor performance, and more tragic workers running around chopped chickens. Fortunately, instead of jumping to WebMD for your treatment ideas, you are at the right place for a job seeker. There is a solution for all your organizational problems: Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP).  Which are Most Popular ERP Software?


Which are Most Popular ERP Software?

Odoo, OpenERP, Openbravo ERP, Openbravo Retail ERP, Microsoft Dynamix, Compiere, SAGE X3, Oracle Netsuite, SAP, IFS,


ERP software helps businesses to restore orders from all departments to accounting, purchasing and inventory, distribution, even human resources and sales.

How can an ERP work? ERPs enable companies and governments to provide a direct view of their current business operations and performance by creating a unified and understood data set across the enterprise. Combine data into a single location that can be accessed seamlessly by all departments.

Because inconsistencies can create a negative ripple effect, it is critical for enterprises to keep their data in the ERP up-to-date. Whether you change an old ERP or start from scratch, it is very important to find a solution that works for you – Capterra can help you find it.

The Top 20 Most Popular ERP Software is designed with you in mind; ERP software to help you identify “big guys” in the field.

Remember, a popular system may not be optimal for your installation. It is important that you disassemble the systems and discuss your specific needs with the software companies.

A recipe for ERP software … just what the doctor ordered! Side effects include, but are not limited to, the following: productivity and a strong body “chicken”.


This research is included in our Top 20 report series. All reports on this level are made with the Popularity Index, which produces a weighted and sequential score:

Current customers [40%]
Number of active users [40%]
Social media presence (Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Linkedin followers and Céterra reviews) [20%]
To maintain consistency and integrity, we have defined “customers” as the number of companies / organizations with an effective system-related license. “Users” specifies the number of employees in these customer companies with access to the program. These figures include customers and users entering the system last year to provide an up-to-date presentation.

Check out our CEO’s post on this blog to better under our ranking system.




When we launch a new report and / or update an existing report, we always ask software companies to sum their customer and user numbers. In most cases, software companies respond with numbers. However, if certain data points were not available, estimates produced by Capterra were used based on industry averages and additional research. These estimates are highlighted in the table below. Although it is fair to assume that all figures in this table are estimated.

Prior to publishing, all software companies were informed and had the opportunity to respond to our estimates. We have also brought back any application that is swollen or unlikely to appear. Most Popular ERP Software? Estimates are represented by yellow shading.


Most Popular

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